Illustration Portfolio


Art was a huge part of Andi’s life growing up in Independence, MO. To this day, her mom tells stories about burying the “good trash” so she wouldn’t dig it out to make something with it. Crayons, paints and pencils were always in her hand and she dreamt of being an animator for Disney as early as kindergarten (and actually has the homework assignment to prove it). When she wasn’t creating, she was reading anything she could get her hands on. She reveled in the enchanting scenes imagined by Lewis Carroll… and she lost herself in the pages of Bronte’s prose.

Upon graduating from high school, Andi pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration at Central Missouri State University (now UCM) which she completed with honors in 2002. This time provided her with many things: a broader knowledge of the techniques available to artists, a thorough understanding of the importance of narrative development, and the experience she needed to bring her visions to life.

She completed an internship as a designer for the Daily Press Newspaper in Newport News, VA in the summer of 2001. This opportunity provided her with the experience she needed to land her first “real” job, as a graphic artist for the Joplin Globe newspaper. After a couple years in editorial design, she eventually moved on to work in the fields of marketing and public relations. She spent 7 years employed as the Marketing Specialist for Economic Security Corporation (a not-for-profit Community Action Agency in Joplin, MO), and continues to work for them now as a freelance contractor.

Though her goal of working for Disney was detered by life’s circumstances, Andi’s dream of creating beautiful experiences for children was never lost. This year, she began a journey to redirect her talents and focus on her true passion… children’s literature. She enjoys working in traditionally mediums and offers a whimsical style which is well suited for many applications of illustration. Her narrative voice is strong and she finds great joy in creating characters that make people smile.

Andi now lives in Webb City, MO with her husband Jason, 2-year-old son Collin and their fiesty yorkie Penny. They continually provide inspiration for her work, are her most challenging critics… and her biggest supporters. In her spare time Andi enjoys reading, ballroom dancing and building “pillow houses” with Collin.


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